Marketing your small business online has become an essential part of your small business promotion toolbox.

Everybody has a smartphone in their pocket these days and paired up with a number of free apps and tools, this portable technology has given small business owners unprecedented ways to create compelling content and broadcast their message all over their communities.

The more time you spend promoting your business online, the more often you will be found, so here are 21 free things you can do right now to help with your online marketing.

  1. In Prescott, Facebook is currently ruling the social media game.  However, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and Alignable are all gaining a piece of the social media market share in Yavapai county.  Open an account on each platform and make sure you set up a Facebook business page
  2. Shoot a quick behind-the-scenes video of what you do every day at your company and post it on your social media pages.  Don’t worry about making it movie quality.  Just show people what you do and the products you are proud to produce.
  3. Make sure you put captions on your online pictures that emphasize your best internet keywords.
  4. Write a blog post once a week and post links to it on your social media pages
  5. Use eye-catching graphics on your blog posts and feature those graphics on Social media.
  6. Post before and after pictures.
  7. Update your information on Google, Yelp, Houzz, Linked In, Angie’s list and so-on on a regular basis
  8. Ask clients to leave an online review
  9. Post your customer reviews on social media.
  10. Develop an email drip campaign on Mail Chimp and send out regular tips, tricks, and ideas to your customer email list.
  11. Create a freebie giveaway like a coupon, a free consultation or a downloadable e-book.  Create a way on your webpage for people to ask for this free resource
  12. Join Facebook groups that are specific to your area and post often about news or products your company offers.
  13. Write a blog on another website and link it back to your own website.  Off to let another business owner write on your blog as well.  Cross promoting small businesses can help everyone involved!

If you need help with your small business promotion, we are here for you!  Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!