Vehicle Graphics Are Making a Huge Impact for Small Businesses Right Here in Yavapai County!

If you’re a small business owner in a small town, it may seem as if you can’t compete with larger companies. With a comparatively small advertising budget, it can be difficult to get the word out that you are the best choice for consumers in your area. Advertising methods like mailers, radio spots, local television or newspaper ads can all be cost prohibitive for a small business owner. Word of mouth is, of course, free advertising, but can be an excruciatingly slow way to grow your customer base.

The good news is, there is a relatively inexpensive and incredibly powerful way to market even the smallest of small businesses! A method that has been growing in popularity over the past few years and has recently become an attainable answer for those trying to get their business noticed.

Vehicle graphics have become one of the most effective forms of marketing today. Graphics effectively turn your vehicle into a moving billboard that gets people’s attention.

When you’re at a stoplight behind a vehicle with advertising graphics, you can’t easily tune it out!

Consider These Facts:

  • 98% of Americans said they notice vehicle graphics

  • 29% said they visited a retail store within a week of seeing it advertised on a vehicle

  • The average American drives an average of 230 miles per week

  • The average vehicle, driven 15,000 miles per year, will pass in front of 9 million other vehicles

  • One vehicle graphic can generate between 30,000-80,000 impressions per day

  • Vehicle graphics reach potential customers who don’t watch tv, listen to the radio or read the

  • The Federal Highway Administration is expecting a dramatic increase in the amount of time
    spent in vehicles over the coming few years

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As you are deciding how to best spend your advertising budget over the next few months, consider
using vehicle graphics as a way to target a wider range of potential customers. The cost is pennies on
the dollar when compared with other advertising methods. Because of the low cost, vehicle graphics
put small businesses on the same playing field as much larger companies.

Vehicle graphics are powerful visual messages that get you noticed!