5 Timely Blog Post Ideas:  Keep Current and Stay Connected!

This is a list of 5 timely blog post Ideas. When you comment on current trends in your industry and keep your information up to date, it helps people to see you as the local expert.  Here are a few ideas for blog posts that will help you come across as current:

  1. Review post: Write up a thoughtful review of a new product released in your field.
  2. Survey post: Choose a newsworthy or trending topic, conduct a survey using social media, and then publish the results on a post.
  3. News post: Create content on your blog about events in your industry as they are happening.
  4. Trend post: Research the latest trends in your industry and then publish the results
  5. Issue post: Choose a controversial issue in your industry, explain the controversy, and offer an opinion or an invitation for discussion.

I hope that these timely blog post ideas help to stimulate some creativity.  A complete list of blog post ideas as well as a huge list of helpful email subject lines is available in our guideThe list alone is worth the price of the guide!

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