Human Interest Blog Post Ideas: Inspire, Encourage, and Be Real!

Sometimes it it helpful to take off the facade, be a little more informal, and talk about something real on your blog.  Sharing an appropriate person story or struggle can help you seem more relatable.  Also, sharing something that you are passionate about can stir up the emotions in others as well.  Be careful to always stay professional and appropriate, but here are a few ideas for human interest blog post ideas:

  1. Inspirational post: Post a story, picture or quote that inspires
  2. Holiday post: Deliver well-wishes to your followers on holidays throughout the year.
  3. Guard Down post: Let your guard down and share a deeply personal experience. People will often relate to a failure, a struggle and a painful experience you are dealing with.
  4. Behind the Scenes post: Give people a sneak peak behind the scene to see how things are made.
  5. Off-Topic post: OK, this type of post can be risky and should not be utilized often, but consider writing about a topic that also interests you but that you don’t address very often.
  6. Rant post: Show your human side by expressing your passion or your anger about a certain topic… this approach does not work for everyone, but for other audiences, it is well-received.

I hope that these human interest blog post ideas help to stimulate some creativity.  A complete list of blog post ideas as well as a huge list of helpful email subject lines is available in our guideThe list alone is worth the price of the guide!

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