You Need a Way to Stand Out Online So You Can Generate Leads from Your Website

There are likely other companies who do what you do and both your business and theirs can be found online.  So how do you stand out?  How do you get the job?

People can find out a lot of information these days on the internet.  As a result, the traditional method of simply explaining your services doesn’t engage with buyer as effectively as it used to.  Simply put, you can’t just put a laundry list of your services or a description of your product’s merits on the internet and expect people to call. Information alone on a website does not generate leads.

The key to a lead-generation website strategy is to build trust.  You want your business to be at the top-of-mind for shoppers when they are ready to make purchases.  This top-of-mind awareness is not done primarily by your logo showing up on internet advertisements.  Earning status as an expert has to be, well, earned. 

Once a visitor hits your site, it needs to be apparent that you are the expert at what you do.  This perceived expertise comes from great content, excellent reviews, and good photography.  Additionally, it can come through a digital resource like an eBook, a compelling infographic, or downloadable guide.  You can start generating great leads from your website when you stop trying to be a pesky sales person and you start showing that you really know what you’re doing and that you genuinely care about your customer’s experience.  Making this switch helps to convert you from being the cold-calling sales person to being the trusted expert people are calling for advice.

So how you make this happen?

Four Tips to Become a Market Expert on your Website and Then to Capture Leads

  1. Understand the problem. Your potential customers are coming to you to help them solve a problem.  They might need their plumbing fixed.  They might need a new car.  Either way, there is a pain point.  They have a problem that they need you to solve for them.  Understanding this problem and providing content on the web to address their issue will help you to be seen as a friend and as a trusted expert.
  2. Give away some resources. Once your figure out the problem your customers are coming to you to solve, then give away a resource that will help them better understand the solution to their problem.  For example, a potential customer might come to a flooring contractor because their floors are worn out.  By offering a guide to new, modern flooring options and styles, the contractor could help them get excited about not only getting new flooring, but updating the whole look of their house.  Try to provide added value by helping your customers learn about something they are already interested in purchasing.
  3. Promote the resource you’re giving away. Write some posts on your social media pages or take out an ad on Facebook that offers the resource for free.  This is the key exchange on a lead-generation website. Rather than designing an ad with just a logo on it, the flooring contractor could promote the free guide to modern flooring.  Potential customers are far more likely to engage with their type of advertisement.
  4. Collect information in exchange for the resource. So, you’ve not really giving it away for free. Someone is paying for the resource by trading it for their contact information.  Once you have their contact information, you can re-target them for upcoming sales, special offers and limited-time coupons.  People are happy to offer email addresses for something of value to them.  Once you have their email address, your email marketing engine can then take over and continue marketing for you while your focus on other aspects of your business.

A good lead-generation website strategy is an effective way to establish yourself as an expert and to attract better clientele.

A website is more that words and pictures on a page.  How it is written and laid-out will either motivate the visitor to take action or not.  The main purpose of a small-business website it to attract new leads and to make sale!

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