A Japanese study just came out that suggested that the 1000 words estimate is a bit high.  They said that a picture actually says closer to 80 words.  But imagine what that means:

  • A well-placed picture communicates 80 words to a potential buyer. 80 words is about 1 minute of dialog.  In one glance, you’ve communicated an entire minute of information.
  • On the other hand, a poorly placed picture or image communicates 80 negative words to a potential buyer.

Consider what it communicates to people if you have a dirty truck with the decal flapping around in the wind or you have a logo that was clearly created with Word Art.  Your branding can hurt your business if you aren’t careful.

ON the other hand, the right image effectively communicates the exact right message to a potential buyer.  In this technological age, symbols and icons and imagery are important to your potential customers.

Hiring a media professional can help your company communicate the right kinds of messages to your customers.  Call us today and let’s design something together!