In today’s highly competitive, customer-centric business environment, customer engagement is the key to driving business to success.

Modern business uses a variety of strategies and tools to connect with customers, generate leads, and convert them into customers. Among various tools, A2P email marketing is one of the most powerful and highly effective strategies to engage with your customers and retain them.

Today’s customers might feel overwhelmed by email spamming and overflowing inboxes, which can create a negative impact on brands.

 So, let’s learn the art of A2P email marketing and explore the best practices of A2P messaging to increase customer engagement and successfully grow your business right away!

Understanding A2P Email Marketing and Its Importance in Business Growth

A2P(Application-to-Person) Email marketing is one of the advanced mobile messaging solutions. A2P is an automated process of messaging SMS and MMS from an application to customer’s smartphones. 

According to Gartner, A2P messaging has an open rate of 98% compared to 20% for email and a response rate of 45% compared to 6% for email. This makes A2P an efficient marketing tool for businesses today.

With the increasing use of smartphones, A2P email marketing has been a reliable tool for businesses to engage with their customers. Businesses use A2P messaging solutions to alert, notify, run marketing campaigns, send promotional codes one-time passwords (OTP), and send bulk messages to customers.

Moreover, A2P email marketing is a game-changing solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement. With A2P email marketing campaigns, businesses can promote various marketing campaigns in a bulk audience base in a faster, more reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Thus, A2P is a popular marketing and sales tool for businesses. It helps them engage with customers, convert them, and help in business growth.

Difference Between A2P and P2P

Here’s the difference between A2P and P2P:

A2P (Application-to-Person) P2P(Person-to-Person)
A2P is the automated process of sending SMS and MMS from applications to smartphones. P2P is a process of sending messages from one mobile device to another device over a network carrier.
With A2P, you can send bulk messages per second to various phone numbers worldwide with an SMS gateway. With P2P, you can only send text messages using a mobile phone or SIM card.
It is one way of communication  It is two-way communication.
Businesses generally use A2P for marketing, promotion, notification, alert, and remainder purposes. P2P is used for personal communication to stay in touch with your friends and family.
A2P sender identifications are: Shortcode, 10DLC, toll-free number P2P sender identification is username and phone number.

Note: 10DLC stands for 10-digit Long Code, which is typically used for sending high-volume business text messages to consumers.

How does an A2P Email marketing work?

A2P automatically generates messages using a dedicated App-to-Person messaging platform, web browser, or software application. The application generates or sends an SMS message when a specific event or trigger occurs. 

SMS, MMS, transactional emails, alerts, notifications, offers, or marketing messages are then sent through an A2P SMS gateway to the mobile network operator (MNO). The MNO then delivers the SMS to the recipient’s mobile device.

Benefits of using A2P email marketing

Today, using A2P email marketing can be a valuable tool for businesses for better customer engagement and conversion. Here are some of the benefits of using A2P email marketing:

Improved customer engagement

Using A2P allows businesses to send personalized messages to customers. With these timely messages and personalized messages to your customers, they feel valued, which results in customer engagement.

Moreover, A2P email marketing helps businesses respond quickly and communicate better with customers. So it improves customer engagement and establishes a connection with your customers,

Global Reach

As 91.68% of people worldwide use mobile phones today, A2P email marketing is a perfect choice for businesses to expand their business globally. With A2P messaging, businesses can effectively communicate with customers spread all over the world by sending automated messages.

Furthermore, with A2P email marketing, you can interact with a wider customer base, expand your market presence, and engage customers regardless of the location.

Automated SMS marketing

Businesses can automatically send or schedule messages based on predefined triggers or customer actions using SMS marketing automation in A2P platforms. You can schedule the message delivery time, and the message will be delivered automatically to predefined destinations.

This SMS Marketing automation helps businesses save time and resources. Thus, businesses can focus more on core marketing activities and enhance their customer engagement.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Since the A2P platform provides advanced analytics and reporting abilities, businesses can gather valuable insights into customer interaction, understand customer behavior, provide customized support, and enhance customer engagement.

Moreover, A2P allows businesses to track message delivery, response rate, leads, and customer engagement. These insights help businesses make strategic decisions accordingly, make data-driven decisions, and increase the conversion rate.

Some other benefits 

  • Advanced texting features 
  • Prescheduled messages and automated response 
  • Quick response to customer
  • Use of advanced features like multimedia messaging, interactive buttons, and quick replies for better customer engagement. 

Best Practices for using A2P email marketing

A2P email marketing is used by the majority of businesses today to enhance their customer engagement and increase their conversion rate. Here are some of the best practices for using A2P email marketing:

Marketing, Branding, and Promotions

Today, marketing plays an important in the success of any business. Businesses can use A2P messaging to deliver marketing information about their product or service to thousands of users at once. You can promote your product or brand by sending special offers, discounts, and coupons using A2P email marketing. 

Moreover, this approach will help your business expand its customer base, create brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and increase conversion rates.

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Alerts and Notifications

Businesses can use A2P messaging to update, alert, and notify customers about their new lunch products, services, and discount offers. These messaging features can also be used by businesses to aware their customers regarding suspicious activities and take action immediately.

Note: Financial institutes can use A2P messaging to alert their customers about potential threats, suspicious activities, and unauthorized access.

Customer Support and Surveys

Make use of A2P email marketing to receive feedback and provide necessary assistance to your customers. This helps a business enhance their business engagement and improve their customer service.

Also, you can use the A2P platform to conduct surveys related to your product, receive feedback, and make immediate changes. This helps in the quick resolution of the customers’ common issues and enhances customer engagement. 

Note: If the customer’s issues are solved promptly, it creates a good brand image and enhances conversion rates. 

Appointment Reminders and reservation

As the number of smartphone users rises, you can use an A2P SMS feature to set up appointments for interviews, and appointment confirmation over the SMS. This saves time for both the business and customers.

Today, many online businesses use A2P messaging to verify the purchase and reservation confirmation messages as proof.

Subscription Services

Today, many businesses use A2P text messages to remind customers about Subscription-based services like subscription renewals, updates, maintenance, or changes in terms and conditions. This SMS provides customer information and enhances customer customer interaction.

For example, an Internet service provider sends A2P messages regarding maintainable break package expiry.  


Along with the rise of smartphone users, many businesses today are using the A2P messaging approach to engage with customers and increase conversion rates. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to stay connected with customers, update customers, provide real-time support, improve conversion rates, and engage a huge chunk of customers. Then consider using A2P email marketing strategies and drive your business to growth