Give to Help Reunite Kids with Birth Parents and Receive a Dollar for Dollar Credit on your Taxes

Ablaze Media is a supporter of foster care in the Yavapai county area.  This year we’ve chosen to get behind a special project put together by Arizona Baptist Children’s Services (ABCS). When it is possible, the facility at the remodeled ABCS cabin will help them reunite kids with their birth parents by offering a space for visitation.  Since its inception, ABCS has served over 185 families and they have been instrumental in placing 97 kids in temporary or permanent homes.

Reuniting Families

Mark, the owner of Ablaze Media, is a licensed foster parent.  Our experience with the Yavapai Department of Children’s Services (DCS) has taught us that the main focus in most cases is to reunite families.  DCS does everything it can to help birth parents get help, learn parenting skills and go through rehab if needed.  The folks who work for DCS truly care about families and what to see them thrive once again.

ABCS needs a facility to help with their support role in reunification.  Birth parents often get to see their kids in a supervised situation while their kids are in foster care.  These supervised visits traditionally happen in a restaurant, at a park, or at the library.  With COVID, there is a great need for new clean and controlled spaces for these visits to take place.

When a birth parent is able to see their kid(s), they are able to keep that bond and the relationship.  It is often a critical component for families reuniting.  These facilities are really vital to the reunification process.

The ABCS cabin will be remodeled so that this visitation space is available to birth parents and their kids.  We feel like the community needs to rally around ABCS to help create this much-needed space.

Read more about the project here.

When You Give, You get a Tax Benefit.

Arizona state foster care tax credit up to $1,000 for couples and $500 for individuals.  Download the Prescott Re flyer here to learn more about ways to get involved. Find a list of current needs for the project here.

To learn more about the good work ABCS is doing and their need for the “cabin remodel” visit their page here: