Did you know that it takes a small fraction of one second for people to form an opinion about the design of your business website?  That is true, whether they see it on their desktop, laptop, notebook, or smartphone. Ablaze Media in Prescott discusses the importance of getting your website designed by a qualified professional.  Through stunning website design and clever search engine optimization services, we will help your small business GET NOTICED!

Why, No Matter How Big Your Business is, You Need a Professionally Designed Website!

Here are two statistics that may surprise you:

  1. 97% of consumers research a product online before buying it, according to a study by BIA/Kelsey.
  2. Comprehensive surveys have shown that most consumers prefer shopping at local businesses that have websites.

A Custom Website Design for Your Small Business

When you hire an expert professional web agency to design your website, you know that your site will be created to suit your unique business. The web designer will evaluate your business and products, and the way you do business, He or she will even take time to get to know you and will represent as you would like to be represented personally on your site. What are your goals for your website? Do you want to generate online sales, walk-in sales, or both? A pro will design your website to meet your specific needs.

No Restrictions on Resources

Building your own site will limit your capabilities and will often restrict your legal use of graphics and even text fonts. A professional web designer is not these restrictions.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Many people design their own websites. Some of these people are creative, and their websites look great. The problem is, hardly anyone views their websites because they do not understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is perhaps the most important feature of website design. Professional website designers understand the process of researching the terms for which people search related to your type of business and your business location. Your designer will build in keywords that will cause your website to be prominent on the search engines. This is what will cause your website to be a moneymaker!

At Ablaze Media, We have a Web Designer in Prescott Ready to take on New Work!

Is it time to take steps toward growing your business? Ablaze Media, in Prescott, remains 100% open for business. Ablaze Media is ready to help you with all of website, social media, promotional, and marketing tasks, in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, and remotely, anywhere in the world! Call us or text us at 928-460-3134.