Small Business Website Traffic is Up… Way Up!

Since COVID’s introduction, businesses have seen a more than 47% increase in website traffic. The surge has impacted a massive rise in potential new business for some and a headache for others.
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses everywhere. Business owners are experiencing constant changes on a global scale, demanding your company respond quickly. When planning your marketing investments, we always advise consistency. COVID-19 and the 2020 USA election threw all consistency out the window, leaving business owners and marketers to adjust through a constantly changing landscape.

Digital Marketing is More Important than Ever Before

The importance of creating quality marketing assets and well-designed branded materials that help companies get their message across online is NOW. Website content, design and functionality are CRUCIAL for business and non-profit organizations in 2021.
The generating ‘hub’ of your business radiates from your website’s performance capabilities. Set your organization up with a remarkably improved web presence for 2021. Every Ablaze website is optimized to integrate with social media, e-commerce, and other forms of internet marketing.

When EXCELLENCE DESERVES ATTENTION, call on the WordPress, Graphics and Content Pros.

Ablaze Media delivers on time and on budget.

More Great Content is Available in Our Guide

If you want a complete overview of small business marketing strategies in less than 100 pages, download our guide here.  It is full of useful information that you can begin implementing immediately in your small business.