Digital marketing can be a scary prospect for many small business owners. While there is no doubt that digital marketing has become a necessity for modern businesses, it is not always clear what one should do, as there are many facets to digital marketing that can make it seem complicated.  Digital marketing made easy is something that we at Ablaze Media strive for. To exemplify this, we wrote a book to help you called The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Digital Marketing.

No Need To Overcomplicate Things

We believe that digital marketing can be made easy and that many people tend to overcomplicate and obfuscate it. In a nutshell, what you want to achieve with your digital marketing strategy is to drive customers to your website and then engage them. There is little to no value in driving people to your website and then failing to engage and woo them as customers. 

Using the 80/20 Principle to Make Digital Marketing Easier

The other thing that we believe is an important principle to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule of online advertising opportunities. We believe that if you can identify 20% of the advertising opportunities that actually work, you will achieve greater success while minimizing your expenditure. 

Digital media is a fantastic thing to take advantage of because it’s inexpensive, interactive and can target audiences with pinpoint precision. However, it can come across as annoying, cheap and temporary if it is not used correctly and can even damage your business brand if handled poorly. 

That’s why we believe that rather than bombarding people and taking every opportunity that comes your way without any discretion, you should narrow it down to 20% of those online marketing opportunities that really do work for your business. 

Our book identifies what these 20% of opportunities look like so that you can find them and take advantage of them. 

Other Tips about Easy Digital Marketing

Numerous other tips in our book will help you see how easy digital marketing can be. We’ll take you through the principles of building a website that generates sales and leads by breaking it down into the fundamental things you need to be cognizant of. 

Some of the things we discuss in the book are how to keep buyers on your website for longer, how to guide people through your website, when to have a web designer come on board and more. 

The book even looks at using other marketing techniques to supplement your online marketing, such as using print media to promote your website, as well as email marketing and how to do it correctly. Lastly, the book investigates SEO, content marketing and social media and how to use them correctly and to their fullest potential.

If you were unsure about it before, our book is about digital marketing made easy and it will help you get your digital marketing strategy to work for you. Download your copy today!