Are you having a difficult time coming up with blog post ideas?

We started with a list of effective blog topics that we bought from digital marketer.  Here is our twist on some of the most popular blog post ideas out there.  This is a list of “Useful” blog post ideas:

Useful Blog Post Ideas

  1. List post: Created a list of books, of tools or of anything else that you might find helpful
  2. How-to-post: Create step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish a task
  3. Case Study post: (The term ‘case study’ carries a great deal of perceived value) Unpack the details of a project your are working on
  4. Problem / Solution post: Outline a problem or a pain point that a client is facing and then address the solution you came up with
  5. Research post: For you academics out there, research a topic, and then post your findings
  6. FAQ post: Post some Frequently Asked Questions you get from your customers
  7. SAQ post: This is the Should Ask Question. Posts question that you should ask a professional in your field before you hire them.
  8. Checklist post: People love “Ultimate Checklists!” Create a checklist for accomplishing a task.
  9. Ultimate Guide post: Create an extensive set-by-step process for a complex task. Release a few posts about it at a time and then offer the whole process in a paid download.
  10. Definition post: Create a post that defines jargon or obscure industry terms.
  11. Series post: Break a large topic into a series of posts. Release them once a week.  Make sure to create links in the posts between various parts of the series
  12. Stats post: Publish some statistic that your team gathered or observed.

I hope that these useful blog post ideas help to stimulate some creativity.  A complete list of blog post ideas as well as a huge list of helpful email subject lines is available in our guideThe list alone is worth the price of the guide!

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