Prevent email attacks and scams from ruining your day

by Shane Lofgren

Email attacks and scams are usually the number one way attackers compromise an organization. They seem to never end and many are very obvious. All it takes is one to pass our defenses and get us to react in a way that we shouldn’t. The end result is lost time, money and resources and the attackers benefit financially… many times in ways that the victim does not understand.

The first line of protection uses an email service the focuses on security and spam filtering.

If the attacker’s email does not reach you then the risk drops considerably. Consider moving your email away from free ISP email or providers with old solutions.

Second, be skeptical of all email you receive.

Email is not a secure platform so carefully review several elements before reacting or clicking. It is easy for attackers to make an email look like it came from some it did not. Even from friends and loved ones, review the content and verify that it is in line with something they would write. If an offer seems too good to be true then it might be an attack. The best reaction is to verify the email through other means of contact or ask someone to help review the email. Take a bit of time to think before clicking or opening – No email is so important it could not wait a few minutes

Third, avoid clicking on links in emails.

If you have to click on that link then hover your mouse over the link to see where it goes. It should match what the text is written…normally at the bottom of the web browser or in a balloon over the link. Successful attacks often result from the victim clicking a link.

Fourth, question all attachments.

Never open any files attached in an email you have not verified to be legitimate. Simply opening an attachment could lead to data destruction or allow an attacker to have direct control over your computer – even a macOS

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