Entertaining Blog Post Ideas: Tell a Story, Make a Joke, Share a Cartoon

People love to be entertained.  Try putting together a series of posts that is just fun.  Make people laugh.  Tell a great story.  Be interesting and people will keep coming back to you over and over again.  Here are a few entertaining blog post ideas for you:

  1. People to Follow post: Curate a list of influential people in your industry. Describe them and provide links to their content.
  2. Story post: People love great stories! Write up a post with an entertaining story that you’d like to share.
  3. Satire post: Be humorous in the form of extreme exaggeration or satire. For some businesses, this can be dangerous, so make sure it related to you core business and not just to your personal interests.  Sports and politics are easy targets for these types of posts.
  4. Cartoon Post: Share a cartoon that relates to your core business.
  5. Meme Post: Share a series a memes that relate to your industry. It would be helpful to make sure to share these on social media as well.
  6. Parody post: Exaggerate the shortcomings of a well-known person in your niche industry.

I hope that these entertaining blog post ideas help to stimulate some creativity.  A complete list of blog post ideas as well as a huge list of helpful email subject lines is available in our guideThe list alone is worth the price of the guide!

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