Facebook has been steadily trying to improve its format

Last year, Facebook told us that there were going to be major changes coming our way and that Facebook groups were going to more important in the future.  In the last few weeks, we’ve begun to see some of those changes being implemented and many of you probably noticed that the overall look and functionality of your Facebook page has changed significantly.

This change has triggered a barrage of comments and even an occasional complaint from consumers.  The truth is that there are a few features that could be really helpful for your small business.  Today I want to take a few minutes and talk about the new emphasis on Facebook Groups.

New emphasis on Facebook groups

2020 is the year of Facebook groups.  Facebook wants you and your business to get involved with a Facebook group or to start one.  Facebook groups are extremely valuable for your marketing efforts.  A small business can focus on their own brand or they can build a Facebook community around their products or services.

For example, an IT guy can make a group that is focused on Mac lovers or a pet store can create a group that’s all about parakeets or an ATV Customization company can make a group about racing ATV’s.

Making a group makes your product or services seem more valuable to potential customers.  Afterall, what is better than getting a group of people together who also love what you love?

Groups also give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in a certain area.

Get this, question or comments made in your group are made extremely visible to other members in the group.

As your think about your digital sales funnels, you don’t want people to just purchase from you once, but your want to build loyalty with your customer base so they come back over and over again.  A Facebook group create a fanbase for you and is a great tool for customer retention.

And there is another really important reason what your business should be using Facebook groups…. It has to do with changes to the Facebook Algorithm

Facebook Groups and the Mysterious Algorithm:  Why are Facebook groups are important for ranking

You may have noticed some changes in how Facebook is distributing your messages in the newsfeed lately.  These changes are critical to understanding as both a user and as a marketer.

Facebook is intentionally trying to keep you the most connected with your family and closest friends.  At the heart of social media is relationships.  However, as a marketer, this can hinder your ability to reach out beyond your immediate group of friends and family

Bottom line is that your business page feed is probably reaching fewer people than it did before, but the good news if that the people it does reach, tend to see it at the top of their feed and are usually more engaged with it.

By using groups, you’ll be able to more constantly get your results higher in the newsfeed to more people than you were able to do in previous years.

What is the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group?

A lot of people are super confused about this whole thing and say, “I already have a Facebook page.  Why do I now need a Facebook group?  Should I get rid of my page and only have a group?

Realistically, for the best results on Facebook, you need both!  Tapping into the big algorithm benefits of a group does not negate the need to also have a Facebook page for your business.

  • You need to have a Facebook page. It serves as a touchpoint for users at all stages of your digital sales funnel.  It’s your home on Facebook
  • Having a Facebook page allows you to run ad campaigns for your business, get reviews, and have plenty of public updates including links to your latest blog posts.
  • Your Facebook page shows up in search engine results and provides valuable contact information for your company,

A group focusses more on community.

When users post in your group, it pops up and stays in the feed, center-stage, for other users to easily see and engage with.  Furthermore, groups naturally invite more frequent interaction and discussions.

Groups are made for discussions! 

  • If your customers love riding Harleys, or making cupcakes, or riding horses, or investing in the stock market, they are going to love talking about it in the group
  • Discussion is especially poignant when people want to ask questions of other fans and seek advice.

Other updates we are looking into Soon:

There have been additional changes in the marketplace, in the political pages, and in shared sponsorships.  We will be looking into these changes and reporting back on how they might affect your small business.