When We Talk about Generous Blog Posts, We Mean You’re Helping to Promote Another Person or Business

Generous blog post are intentionally promoting others.  Ivan Misner built BNI around the principle of “Givers Gain.”  If the same way, when you are willing to promote others, often they will promote you in return.  Be generous to other business owners and recommend the services of those who are excellent at what they do.  Here at Ablaze, we often say that “Excellence Deserves Attention.” Here is a list of “generous” blog post ideas:

Generous Blog Post Ideas

  1. Profile post: Highlight a member of your staff or of an influential person in your industry. Make sure you notify them and get their permission.  Usually, they will say ‘Yes’ and then share the post on their network too.
  2. Crowdsourced post: Use your social media channel to ask people what they want to know from you. Create a post or a series of posts with the answer.
  3. Interview post: Interview a local celebrity, a leader in your industry, a member of your staff, one of your favorite clients, or maybe even a national celebrity. Post the interview on your blog.
  4. Link Roundup post: Compile a list of links for articles from other people that you appreciate. Write up an abstract for each and them put them together in a post.
  5. Quote Post: People love quotes from influential people. Put together a list of quotes that relate to some part of your business.
  6. Best of the Web post: Compile a list of sites and resources that you love to go to. Write up a short description and then share those sites.
  7. Pick of the Week post: Write up a short post that describes one site, one tool, one book, one podcast, one store, or some other resource that you love and want to share with others.

I hope that these generous blog post ideas help to stimulate some creativity.  A complete list of blog post ideas as well as a huge list of helpful email subject lines is available in our guideThe list alone is worth the price of the guide!

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