The Phoenix kitchen remodeling industry is booming, and while this is great for you, it’s also the same for the competition. As a kitchen remodeling contractor, you’ve probably been pulled in different directions about where to invest your hard-earned advertising dollars so you can bring in consistent, high-quality job leads.

So, what do you choose? Google Ads or Meta (formerly Facebook) Ads? The truth is, they are both great advertising streams for different reasons, with different pros and cons depending on your immediate and long-term goals. With the help of our professional Google ads agency in Phoenix, you can navigate this jungle like a pro. In this blog, we’ll share our insights with you.

Google Ads: Reach Your Audience When They Are Actively Looking For You

Direct Responses with High Intent

Google Ads is the kingpin of search intent. Think about it: When someone types “kitchen remodeling contractor near me,” they’re not just idly scrolling or just looking for entertainment; they’re actively seeking your service. Google gives you the golden opportunity to be right there, front and center, exactly when your audience is looking for you.

Precision Targeting

Not only can you target specific search terms, but you can also geo-target to ensure your ads appear for your immediate, local Phoenix community. This means you’re reaching people precisely when and where they need you. You can even go as far as targeting specific neighborhoods, or target people with specific demographics, such as restaurant owners.

Cost and Conversions

While high competition can drive up the cost-per-click of your ads, remember that these users have a stronger intention to convert. It’s quality over quantity and worth the spend, as these are people actively and intentionally searching for a kitchen remodeling contractor business just like yourself.

Meta Ads: Building Awareness and Community

Diverse Ad Formats

From video ads to carousel images, Meta offers varied ad creative formats. This allows for dynamic storytelling, showing before-after kitchen transformations, or even interactive Q&As about common remodeling concerns. This is a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

Remember though, people interacting on Meta are doing so idly and for entertainment. They aren’t actively looking for services. So your ads on Meta need to be entertaining and attention-grabbing if you want people to learn more about you after seeing your ad.

Hyper-Granular Targeting

Meta’s strength lies in its detailed audience targeting. From interests to behaviors, you can reach your ideal customer profile, even if they haven’t explicitly searched for kitchen remodeling. Even though they are active for entertainment, you can still reach them and convert them during what we call “the awareness phase” of their buying journey.

Community Engagement

Users on Meta are community-driven. By advertising here, you don’t just get leads, but you build a community of loyal followers and potential advocates for your business. That’s why your Meta ads strategy is more of a long-term strategy geared towards brand recognition and community building.

How to Make the Right Choice For Your Business

Understand Your Objective

If you’re seeking immediate conversions from high-intent users, Google might be your best bet. But if brand awareness and community engagement rank higher, then Meta Ads shine. It’s not to say Meta ads won’t convert, as they will, but it’s just more of a long-term strategy.

Don’t Put All Eggs in One Basket

Who says you have to choose? Both platforms offer unique advantages. A balanced approach might be to allocate budgets based on your immediate goals but leverage both platforms to maximize reach and conversions.

Collaborate with the Experts

Managing campaigns can be overwhelming. By teaming up with a specialized Google ads agency in Phoenix like us at Ablaze Media, you can fine-tune your strategies and get insights tailored to the kitchen remodeling industry in specific.

Adapt and Thrive

Digital advertising isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s Google Ads, Meta Ads, or a combination of both, the key is to adapt and iterate based on results. As your go-to Google ads agency in Phoenix, we understand your audience’s journey, since we have worked with many kitchen remodeling contractors just like yourself and we’ll help you set your kitchen remodeling business up for success. Book a free consultation today.