Hiring a graphic design media professional is much more affordable than you think. 

  • Consider this, if you create an advertising campaign that doesn’t connect with your customers, that is expensive.
  • Even worse, if you create a media campaign that communicates the wrong message, that is not only expensive, but counter-productive!

The right images and graphics are a contributor to a company’s overall marketing success.  Consider a few stats:

  • Images in a press release increases the views by 45%
  • 63% of online shoppers will put more value into the imaging of the product then they do in the online reviews
  • 95% of business to business buyers prefer shorter visual communication
  • Blog articles posted with quality images get 94% more view on average than articles without

All these statistics point to the fact that the expertise of a professional graphic designer is critical to the marketing success of your company.  THEN, after we save your staff time and we shop around for the very best price on production, your project will not only look better, but we often find that our rates are less than what people can do it for themselves.