Just about every business has faced some serious economic challenges over the past couple of years. That includes businesses here in the Prescott area. Marketing your business in a tough economy is difficult and it needs to be done intentionally.  It will take an effective marketing strategy to move forward in an unpredictable economy but with some careful planning and commitment, your business can not only hold its own, but even surpass your goals.

Successful Business in a Tough Economy Demands Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, digital marketing is not new. It is also not experimental. Over the past years, professionally designed websites, social media marketing, regular blogs, and email campaigns have proven themselves to be the gold standard of marketing success. The experts at Ablaze Media are ready to create a marketing strategy that will fit your unique business niche. We will optimize your position in the Quad-Cities and in any online marketing in which you are engaged.

Marketing Your Business in a Tough Economy

Reduce or Increase Your Business Marketing Budget in a Tough Economy?


Understandably, one of the first costs business owners consider cutting during an economic downturn is marketing expense. Media consultants will tell you bad economic times for businesses are the time to increase your advertising budget because advertising increases sales. While there is some truth in that premise, that’s not the whole story.

Dollar Cost Advertising for Marketing

The most successful business owners in Yavapai County establish their marketing budget through dollar cost averaging. You may have heard the term, “dollar cost averaging,” as applied to financial investing. This strategy is also effective for many important goals in life, including business growth.

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Let’s get a handle on the meaning of dollar cost averaging in general finances before we apply it to your commercial enterprise. Say an investment firm or private investor allocates a total amount of investment capital for the stock market and sets a target gain. The investor then divides the investing total into an equal cost per month for purchases of stock over a year. The same dollar amount is invested on the same day of each month without regard to the price of the stock at the time of each purchase. That’s dollar-cost averaging (DCA). This method has proven itself to be the most successful for many investors and is often encouraged by financial advisors.

Business Success and Emotion

Planning a marketing strategy and sticking with it has resulted is the success story of many businesses. Dollar cost averaging is by far the best method. By setting a marketing budget and staying on course, you operate with objectivity instead of reacting with emotion. Objectivity is usually a business owner’s best friend, while emotion can be your worst enemy.

Marketing Your Business in a Tough Economy

Are You Trying to Market Your Business in a Tough Economy? We Are Here to Help!

Whether building a website, writing effective blogs, or advertising on social media, email blasts, videos, or print, the experts at Ablaze Media will help you develop a regular marketing plan to fit your budget and meet your goals! Our proven methods will become an important component of growing your business. Call us for help and service for all your marketing plans. Ablaze Media works with companies in Prescott and all surrounding areas, and remotely, anywhere in the world! Call us or text us at 928-460-3134.