The digital age has ushered in a new era of marketing for remodeling contractors. Gone are the days when you could plaster ads on every billboard, bus shelter and highway shoulder in town. Now, your audience is far more likely to notice your ad if it pops up during their search for home improvement services online than if it’s staring them in the face as they’re driving down the road at 65 miles per hour. That means building an effective online marketing strategy is more important than ever—but it also means that you have more options when planning out how to reach potential customers than ever before.  Online marketing is difficult, so we thought we’d offer a for online marketing tips for remodeling contractors.

In this article we’ll look at some ways that remodeling contractors can supercharge their websites using tools like Google My Business listings, structured markup and paid advertising campaigns. Following these tips will help make sure your website gets noticed by potential customers who are searching for services like yours!

Online marketing for remodelers begins with Google My Business

One of the most important and frequently overlooked elements of an effective web marketing strategy is a Google My Business listing. This platform, which is associated with Google Places and Search, allows you to add all of your contact information, including a logo, address, and phone number. You can also choose whether they should be displayed in the search results or not.

Another way to market your business online is through reviews on Yelp or another review site like Angie’s List. These sites allow people who have used your services in the past to provide feedback on their experience with you as well as rate how likely they would be to recommend you to others. While this isn’t something that happens overnight (you need time for customers’ experiences with your company), it does help establish trust when potential clients see positive reviews from previous clients along with any accolades from industry associations or other awards won by the contractor.”

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Write For Humans, Not Search Engines

All of your SEO efforts should be focused on making sure that people find and read your content. If a search engine can’t glean the most important keywords from your website, it won’t know what to show in their search results.

The first step in writing for humans is to start with a keyword or two in mind. This will help you figure out what kinds of topics you want to cover, as well as how many pages you need for each one (you don’t want them too long!). Then write a great title for each post, which is what readers will see when they come across it on Google or another search engine.

Next comes meta descriptions—that short snippet of text that appears under each link when someone searches for something related to your website (like “Best Contractor Ever!”). This snippet is also used by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter whenever someone shares links from your site.

Once those pieces are written up nicely, start getting into specifics by using relevant keywords throughout the body text itself (but not too often!). And finally: if possible, use bullet points and lists so that users can easily scan through everything without getting stuck on any one paragraph/sentence/word too long!

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Add Structured Data Markup To Your Website

Structured data markup is a way to add information about your company and the products and services you offer. This information is used by search engines, such as Google, to show relevant results in their search engine results pages (SERPs). The most common type of structured data markup is microdata. Google has provided guidelines on how to implement microdata code on any webpage that has blog posts or news articles.

If you want to improve the visibility of your website in search results, adding structured data markup can be a great way to do so. One study found that 79% of consumers trust local businesses more than national businesses because they know exactly what they’re getting when they work with them—and having this kind of data available on your website will make it much easier for people looking for information about remodeling companies in their area!

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Invest In Paid Advertising (But Beware of These Traps)

Investing in PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads are one of our biggest online marketing tips for remodeling contractors.  Paid advertising is one of the best ways to get your website in front of potential customers. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of how to use paid advertising or what they should be looking out for when they do it. In this section we’re going to go over some of the pitfalls and tricks you need to be aware of before spending money on paid ads.

Paid ads are great because you can target your audience directly, rather than hoping someone will happen upon your website through organic search results or social media shares. Paid advertising can also be very efficient if done right: you’ll want to carefully select keywords and phrases that are relevant, but not overly competitive so that all your money doesn’t go into fighting with other companies in an auction.

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Small changes in your online marketing strategy can have big impacts on the amount of business you can generate.

While we tend to focus on big changes in our marketing strategy, sometimes it’s the small changes that can have the biggest impact.

Small Changes Can Have Big Impacts on Your Business

It’s often said that success is a journey, not a destination, and this applies to your website as well. Even if you’re doing everything right for your remodeling business online today and getting more leads than ever before—you still need to stay vigilant about making sure that all of your content is up-to-date and optimized for search engines like Google. If you aren’t constantly monitoring how well your digital presence is performing online, then chances are good that there are opportunities for improvement available now!

Always be active on social media

Social media is an excellent way to connect with potential customers, as well as get feedback from existing customers. Many remodelers have found that social media has helped them grow their business. The more you engage on social media, the more people you’ll reach.

Social media can also be used to find new employees and suppliers for your business. For example, contractors who run Facebook ads have found that they have good luck finding qualified workers through this method. Additionally, they are able to discover new suppliers who offer products or services that they may not even know existed before running these ads! Social media gives you access to a wide array of options like this one so take advantage of it!

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Supercharge your website by doing regular updates

  • Remember to update your site.
  • Update your website at least once a month with new content, images, videos and offers. If you’re going to be busy remodeling homes for clients, it’s important that you keep your website updated with fresh information so that potential customers can find information about you easily from their desktops or phones.

Create engaging promotions and contests

When it comes to online marketing, you can’t go wrong by creating engaging promotions and contests. The best way to do this is to make sure that the promotion or contest is relevant to your audience.

Here are two ideas:

  • Create a freebie offer like a checklist, guidebook, or calculator on how to get started with remodeling projects (this will help them learn more about what you do). Then give away printed copies of this resource as prizes for people who sign up on your mailing list through Gleam (they’ll also receive weekly tips from you).
  • Offer something fun like a virtual cupcake decorating party so people can show off their decorating skills without having to put any effort into making real cupcakes in real time at their house! Make sure there’s great prizes involved–this should include some sort of monetary value but also allow for fun experiences or rewards like tickets for theme park rides (if applicable).

Now that we’ve covered the basics of running successful promotions and contests let’s talk about how we can use social media marketing tools such as Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads so we can reach out even further than just our own followers/friends list!

A few last thoughts about these online marketing tips for remodeling contractors

We hope that this article has given you some ideas on how to create a more effective online marketing strategy for your remodeling contractor business. Remember to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so make sure to experiment with different tactics and see what works best for your unique needs.