Websites are powerful weapons in your small business marketing arsenal, if you understand how to utilize them properly!

For effective small business marketing, advertising alone isn’t enough these days.  Small business owners need to earn the trust of potential buyers and your digital assets will help potential buyers get to know you, and then get to like you so that ultimately, they trust you as an expert.  Those who earn the status of “expert” also earn higher wages, attract a better clientele and make more sales.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time and money developing a website to promote your business and your products.  You’ve probably also spent a great deal of money on other marketing products.  Some have been successful and others have probably fallen flat.

We have discovered some trends in small business advertising that seem to consistently work.  Consistently, we have found some techniques that drive the marketing train forward and we have found additional marketing techniques that seems to support those efforts well. The main 3 that seem to consistently work are Web, Print and Email.

Print, Email and Web are the main engines that drive most effective, small business marketing campaigns

Let’s unpack those a little right now.

Your Website: Your Home

The home of your brand and your marketing efforts in your website.  If you are taking your marketing seriously, your website should look professional.  It needs to be easy to navigate, rich in content and maintained often.  Word Press is currently the preferred platform for most small business websites.

Something in Print

Second, the research is still showing that direct mail, circulars, postcards, magazine ads and printed newsletters are hugely effective if they are done properly.  So, pick 1, well-written, well-designed print piece that is delivered to your target demographic at least 1 time per month.  Change the artwork monthly. Offer a new, limited time monthly special.  Depending on your industry, these print publications could be:

  • Postcards, Direct mail, EDDM
  • Circular / Coupon mailer
  • Glossy local or trade magazine
  • Newspaper or Newsletter
  • Custom greeting cards sent out by a greeting card service.

Don’t try something just once.  Commit to it for at least 6 months and then evaluate its effectiveness.

Email Marketing

Lastly, develop an email campaign that follows up with new clients and that re-targets existing clients in order to invite them back to the business to make more purchases.

  • Mail Chimp is an easy-to-use and affordable tool for getting this done.
  • Some credit card processors offer a free email re-targeting service as well.

If web, print and email aren’t covered, there is no reason to move on to other, alternative methods of advertising.  For some small businesses, especially owner-operators, this could be all the marketing you’ll need to keep yourself booked.

Used together in harmony and put alongside a great product and great customer service, we’ve seen these strategies help small businesses to take off.  BUT… let me offer you this warning: used improperly, we’ve also seen small businesses waste thousands of dollars and ultimately close their doors when their marketing tools are used improperly.

Marketing can either build or destroy your business!

Just like a hammer can be used to either build or destroy, marketing can also be used to build or to destroy your business.  Our hope to help you build and build and build some more!

Here’s to more customers!

The Ablaze Media Small Business Marketing Specialists


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