Every legitimate media outlet has a very specific target audience.  A good media organization never tries to be all things to all people.  It has a very specific people group, purpose, demographic, income bracket, and/or geographic area in mind.

The 3 products that are most commonly utilized by local businesses in our area is print, radio and social media.  Let me briefly talk about the typical audiences for those media types

Target Audience for Print

Coupon MailerLet’s start out with print.  In most markets, there are these 3 print media types.

  • The local printed Newspaper and the Printed Yellow Pages. Both publications have almost the exact same audience.  People who still get paper delivery od still use the yellow pages are typically older.  They tend to be baby boomers and upper-middle class.  There is a good percentage of male readers. Ads can be effective AS LONG ARE THE TYPE IS REALLY BIG and there is a lot of white space. (Doctor, hearing aids, pharmacy, grocery, luxury cars, country clubs, premium residential services)
  • Neighborhood coupon mailer. These booklets often go out in the 10’s of thousands and they are usually picked up by female bargain hunters.  They can be incredibly effective if you have a sale on a product that costs $100 or less.  (haircuts, pizza, car wash) If you offer premium services, then these mailers can clog up your phone lines with people who have no intention of buying.
  • Neighborhood magazine. Our experience is that these target homeowners who are typically female in very specific higher-end neighborhoods (with very specific and easily identifiable needs).  They are often typically effective for people offering higher-end residential services (window washing, water delivery, handyman, vet, remodeling, house cleaning, etc.)

Target Audience for Broadcast Radio

Local radio can also be an effective medium.  The daily news and the local information radio provides still makes it widely listened to.  There are 3 different radio types that are common in most markets.

  • Political Talk Radio is radio with active listeners. It is not just music in the background (like the easy listening station).  Talk radio listeners turn it up and listen to it passionately.  These stations are typically political, right-leaning, and political in nature.  Their average listener is usually male and over 55.
    • Both NPR and the Christian preaching radio station are completely different animals than political talk radio
  • Contemporary Country is widely listened to and is wildly popular. Most are surprised to learn that most country listeners are female.  65% of country radio listeners are 35-55-year-old females.  They are listening in their cars and if you own a car lot, an auto detailing company, or a drive-thru restaurant, this is a great fit.
  • The top 40 or Adult Contemporary station also has a mostly female audience. It is largely moms in the minivans who is too distracted to bother with hooking up the phone to the Bluetooth.  She likes the music, the kids like the music.  Good enough…. Let’s go to soccer practice.  Family-oriented companies do well with these stations. (dentists, pediatricians, pizza, mini-golf, movies, etc)

Social Media Can Target Almost Any Audience

Just a note about social media.  Social media is highly effective, easy to track and organic search results are the #1 funnel for nearly every small business we talk with.  A good social media and SEO team using proper programming, content marketing and paid social media buys zero-in on a target audience quite effectively.  A great website helps convert sales as well

Case Study

So based on this data, if you were opening a new Supercuts Franchise, you would be looking for a middle class. Middle-income woman with kids.  You would probably want to look at these advertising products:

  1. Targeted social media ads with a coupon offer
  2. Radio spots on the Adult Contemporary radio station
  3. Coupon Mailer with a special, limited time offer
  4. Great signage at your retail location