Do you know the latest advertising trends for Prescott Arizona?  Do you have your ducks in a row for your business and marketing goals in 2022? Let’s look at the 5 top design and advertising trends that are in the works for business owners here in the Prescott area.

Top 5 Advertising Trends in Prescott

Advertising Trend #1—Social Advertising

In 2020, the worldwide number of social media users was 3.80 billion. According to Statista, 2001, the number will be projected to 4.41 billion by 2025! Social advertisers use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to reach their advertising goals. What are the pros and cons for social media marketing?


  • More Sales
  • Higher Volume of Traffic to Websites
  • Improved Opportunities for Marketing
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings


  • Clear Marketing Strategy Required
  • Requires Continuous Active Management
  • Daily Monitoring is Essential

Do you like the “Pros” but are intimidated by the “Cons”? That’s why we are here at Ablaze Media! We take care of all of the social media management so that you can focus on your other business needs.

Top 5 Advertising Trends in Prescott

Advertising Trend #2—Video Marketing

Video advertising is one of the top marketing tools today, with 86% of businesses using it as part of their sales strategy. What used to be “commercials,” only available in the television era can now be implemented internet and mobile devices. An important key is finding the right platforms for your video ads to appear. We have that covered by our professional marketing professionals. We will develop a plan, produce your videos, and find just the right venues for your unique business.

Top 5 Advertising Trends in Prescott

Advertising Trend #3—Mobile Devices

Over half of the online traffic now comes from mobile devices. According to Statista, when COVID-19 hit, global smartphone usage suddenly leaped to 70%. Most consumers now use their phones for a large portion of their browsing, entertainment, education, and shopping. “Homemade” websites can look appealing on a laptop but jumbled and uninviting on a smartphone. Let us create a website that is friendly to all devices.

Top 5 Advertising Trends in Prescott

Advertising Trend #4—Display advertising

“Display advertising” used to refer to graphic design in printed publications like trade magazines and newspapers. Today it most often describes visual advertisements employing ad banners. These come in many sizes and shapes. These banners can be effective, not only on your local magazine, but we can also coordinate your ads on your blog and social media pages. We can design an eye-catching, unified banner ad campaign to showcase your business.

Top 5 Advertising Trends in Prescott

Advertising Trend #5—Print Advertising

Despite the perception of many, print advertising isn’t dead. You just need to find the right places to apply it. Many people, especially older customers, are still “hard-copy” people. They like the experience of being able to hold a brochure in their hands. That’s why there are still hard-copy newspapers! Then, there’s specialized publications for your business niche, business cards, brochures, etc. The experts at Ablaze media will find just the mix for your print marketing and put together a unified look for your branding.

We Will Take Care of Your Design and Advertising!

Whether social media, video, website, or print, the experts at Ablaze Media will help you develop a marketing plan to meet your goals! Our proven methods will help you grow your business. Call us for assistance with all your marketing plans. We will customize a package that will fit your business and budget. Ablaze Media works with companies in Prescott and all surrounding areas, and remotely, anywhere in the world! Call us or text us at 928-460-3134.