Provide Real Help for Foster Families

Mark, the owner of Ablaze Media, is a foster parent.  Since its inception, ABCS has served over 185 families.  They have been instrumental in placing 97 kids in temporary or permanent homes.   This year we’ve chosen to get behind a special project put together by Arizona Baptist Children’s Services (ABCS). The ABCS cabin remodel will help to provide real support to foster families in our area by having a foster care closet.

We care about Foster Families

When a child is placed in a foster home, the foster family is often only given a few hours of notice.  They may not have clothes, toys, or even an appropriate bed/crib for the child in need.  This foster care closet will help foster families have access to the supplies they need to serve the basic needs of children coming from hard places.

Foster families have a lot demanded of them.  The children coming to them are often severely traumatized by both the situation they came from as well as from the process of being removed from their homes.  Foster families are on the front line of offering compassion, patience, and support to these hurting kids.

As a community, we need to give them every opportunity to get the supplies foster families need so they can focus on the needs of the kids in need.

When You Give, You give Real Help to Foster Parents and You get a Tax Benefit.

Arizona state foster care tax credit up to $1,000 for couples and $500 for individuals.  Download the Prescott Re flyer here to learn more about ways to get involved. Find a list of current needs for the project here.

To learn more about the good work ABCS is doing and their need for the “cabin remodel” visit their page here: