Recent surveys have revealed that most consumers favor shopping at businesses that have websites. Businesses without websites are often considered illegitimate or too unorganized to be taken seriously.  A website is your home for your marketing efforts.  If you don’t have a website, then you shouldn’t spend another marketing dollar before you build one.  Here’s why:

Why You Need a Website

All of you advertising collateral is more effective when it points to a well-designed and informative website.  An advertisement on a magazine or on a truck can only tell you some much about the business.  A well-designed website can take a customer through the whole journey of your business story.

Using great content, compelling stories, beautiful pictures, and even video, you can explain everything you do and then build the trust of a potential customers.  Websites are incredible at providing information and illustrating the uniqueness of who you are.

Additionally, studies show us that over 95% of buyers examine merchandise and services online before buying. So, regardless of how large or small your business is, a website is a must-have.

Why You Need Your Site Conceived and Constructed by Professionals

Did you know that it takes less than one tenth of a second for a person to form an opinion about your business from the appearance of your website? Many businesses think that building their own website is a good and cost-effective way to go.

Unless you have an experienced web designed on your staff, You might consider outsourcing your site to someone who makes websites for a living.  You website is one of your most important marketing assets and dedicating some time and money to your site can have a huge impact on your success.

Here are some ways a well-designed site can help your business:

  • Stay ahead of your competition. You want to be on the cutting edge in your field, and you want potential customers to know it! A professional design will give you an important advantage over your competitors.
  • Increase consumer engagement. Professionalism in design and content keeps website visitors glued to the promotion of your business. Continued customer engagement leads to purchases!
  • Key words get you to the top of the page. An excellent internet marketing firm will research key words and know how and where to use them. The right words and phrases will bring you high rankings on the search engines.
  • Well-structured content is essential. Many businesses are so focused on the tiny details of their content. They tend to overlook the importance of structure of content and alignment that makes the pages easy to view and user-friendly. Organization and eye-catching graphics are as critical as keywords and phrases.
  • Express your brand image. The brand image that your prospects view online has a lot of impact in influencing their loyalty towards your company.
  • DIY internet marketing often lacks eye-appeal. A site professionally designed by an artist is far more exceptional in visual appeal than “do-it-yourself” design attempts.

If you end up hiring a pro, here is a helpful article about how to get the most out of that professional designer

Call the Experts at Ablaze Media!

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